K.U.S.H White Tees Summer 2012

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The Lab

We Kick off our first look for Summer 2012 with the K.U.S.H White Tee Collection. This is made up of 7 pieces which represent a snapshot of our mixture of ancient and modern culture and mythology. The “Your Brain on K.U.S.H”  and “Thugstyle” Tees represent a more street/modern take on our philosophy while the other pieces such as the “K.U.S.H Falcons” and “K.U.S.H Masks” highlight our historical and cultural influences. First Looks of our Hooded Tops and Sweatshirts will follow shortly before a full fledged launch, watch this space….  

What’s In A Label?

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“Adding Fuel To The Fire Of Dreams”

It’s often said that to achieve anything of note in the world, you must first have a dream. Dreams can serve as an anchor or a compass in the journey of life, giving a sense of guidance and purpose in an ever-changing world. Indeed, the world is filled with the physical manifestations of people’s dreams. Wealth, success, and power are common aspirations which are widespread amongst people today. In a capitalist world, the modern day person exercises their purchasing power as a means of representing not only what they like but also; what they stand for, what they’d like to have, they way they’d like to have it, and what they want out of life. It is also important to note that this form of expression is no longer limited by the ability to afford it.

Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to fashion. “Through their purchases, consumers can express themselves, their value systems…. interests and passions.”[1] For a person whom it holds some significance, ‘looking the flyest’ has an emotional appeal. Although clothing is generally a basic necessity, in modern society, this is no longer the case and the satisfaction derived is more emotional than practical. In the mind of the modern consumer, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with making a purchase of something that was wanted, far outstrips the feeling of satisfaction that comes with making a purchase of something that was needed. This feeling of accomplishment can be likened to a sense of euphoria which when remembered, re-enforces the consumers’ desire to repeat that experience. This could be likened to a ‘buzz’ for a lack of a better word to sum up the feeling.

Fashion has played a huge role in the representation of culture and identity for centuries, and continues to do so now more than ever. Apart from the physical and aesthetic aspect of clothing, people are also buying into the idea or philosophy of the brand they are purchasing. From the colours to the tailoring, to the images or slogans, you can literally make a statement by what you wear. All these aspects of fashion are heavily represented in street wear culture, which is all about forming an identity that exists as a result of the blending of different cultures. K.U.S.H is a part of this movement, combining the cultural influence of four continents along with the swagger of the hip hop generation; the aim is to capture the imagination of the modern consumer who not only wants to look and feel good, but also has something to represent…self-expression by means of a joint statement.

“It’s the possibility of making a dream come true that makes life interesting.[2]

We live in an era whereby dreams can be achieved by any means necessary; through hard work, through luck, through intelligence, or even through brute force. Sometimes, it’s a combination of some or all of these factors, but one thing is for certain, if you can’t achieve your dreams by any of these means, then there’s always the dreams money can buy (word to Drake).

Stay tuned…….


[1] Understanding and Predicting Consumer Behaviour, (Danzinger, Pamela N.)

[2] Ghandi

Who or What is K.U.S.H?

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        Kings Usually Stay Humble

K.U.S.H: Kings usually stay humble

We represent the merging of different cultures, from those in greater metropolitan areas to those who live in rural towns, as the exposure to various cultures has grown, so too has the demand for clothing to reflect this change in lifestyle. Unfortunately, truly viable clothing options have not grown along with this demand and this is where K.U.S.H hopes to step in. Our mission is simple; to outfit our customers with high quality and uniquely designed garments. The customer is king and K.U.S.H will provide his regalia. The target clientele will be the young male seeking quality garments that make a statement about taste and whatever that might be. We are an independent street wear line called K.U.S.H. Based out of the city of London, our aim is to do something different conceptually as well as design-wise in order to bring something fresh to the table. Far from re-inventing the wheel, like most in the fashion game we want to tweak the design. In recent years, rapid changes have been taking place, the most significant of which is the shift from baggier ‘urban’ wear to more fitted ‘street’ wear and a more polished look.

As the global community has grown, more and more young people around the world are influenced by the same things; music, sports and entertainment mainly from Western culture. However, there is an increasing demand from non-Western cultures to see aspects of their experience have greater representation in the mainstream. We have a central theme running through most of the work revolving around the idea of kings and kingdoms from the past right down to our modern day kings, be it in the media, the boardroom, or the streets. This is our form of artistic expression;

music + art + fashion = a lifestyle.

So, based on that formula, we will strive to continuously provide the highest quality of design, imagery and concepts through our street wear brand K.U.S.H, through innovative design combined with the overall philosophy/message of the brand. Kings Usually Stay Humble is a mantra that governs all aspects of our lives. Where as we pride our selves on our abilities and products, we also recognize that true kings must never stray too far away from their centre of power, which is the people. Without them there is no kingdom, be it the territorial or business one. Throughout history from the ancient Greeks, the Romans down to the ancestors of the Pharaohs: KUSH, it has been proven this way of thinking is essential in maintaining your kingdom. Hubris has been the greatest enemy of kings and great men from time in memorial. Our products will display a mixture of the art, history and politics that drive our brand. K.U.S.H will continue to evolve as a whole, not only to stay consistent, but also to reflect the dynamic nature of fashion itself. Our ultimate goal will be to encourage people to stay up, stay true, and stay fly. Stay tuned…


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